Natural Hair Dye to Change the Color of Your Hair Safely

Hairstyles on 8 Oct , 2014

For some people dying hair has becomes a routine that you always do every month. But they might not do it so they could cover their hair, but they might do it because they want to make their hair lighter or darker. However, using chemical hair dye frequently may damage your hair, thus makes it not healthy anymore, this is also one of the reason why you have a lot of hair loss recently. That is why you need to make your hair becomes healthier, and when you want to change the color of your hair why do not you try to use natural hair dye.

natural hair dye

Changing your hair color in natural way

When you use only natural thing, then your hair restoration would become quicker, moreover it would not damage your hair so it could be a healthy alternative to your hair. Many things could be done to make your hair color becomes lighter such as:

  1. Lemon juice: you might need to use a few lemons to create enough juice for your hair. Then soak your entire hair with the juice but make sure that you have saturated every strand of your hair with it. Afterwards you need to wear sun block and sunscreen to your body and face to protect it because you would need to sit outside under the sun to expose your hair to the sun. The sun rays would trigger the acid from the lemon so it would work your hair and makes it lighter. You could do this one time every week until your hair reach your desirable light color.
  2. Chamomile: for this you would need to use dried chamomile that you could be purchase in any herb store. But before you use it, you would need to strain it first, use a strainer and place it on a plastic bowl. The boil a cup of water before pouring it on the strainer to strain the chamomile. After it has been strained you would need to prepare a cup of warm water so the chamomile could be mix inside. Let the chamomile to be infused for at least 30 minutes before taking it out. Use the water infusion to soak your hair and again sit under the sunlight. You need to do this a few times a week since the infusion could make your hair lighter.
  3. Henna: you might have heard about henna hair dye, even if this thing is called as hair dye but henna is actually natural hair dye herb that you could use to color your hair so it would be safe to use. You could find it on your local herb store, but remember to choose yellow or beige color one. Then use a few spoonful of henna to be dissolved with a few tablespoon of chamomile infusion like the one we have made before so it could turn into thick paste form. Then coats your hair with it using hair dye brush, but remember that you need to apply it to your entire strand before covering your hair with plastic cap and leave it for at least two hours before clean it.


Besides making your hair lighter, you could also use natural hair dye to make your hair darker. This is also as easy as the lightening one only if when you know what you need to darken your hair.

  1. Black tea: you would need to find dried black tea so you could use it to darken your hair. Just use a few spoon of black tea and put it on a cup of boiling water and let the tea completely strained and infused the water. Let the water to cool down while waiting the tea to release its dark color to the water. Then soak your whole hair with the water and use plastic cup to cover your head. Do your things because you need to let it be for at least one hour before cleaning your hair. Do this a few times a week so your hair would be darken by the day.
  2. Yogurt: to use yogurt you would need to mix it with ground coffee powder completely. Then prepare another ground coffee and brew it with a cup of water in thick mixture. Let the coffee to cool down completely before mixing it with the yogurt mixture that we have created before. Apply the final mixture to your entire hair until it all been covered then use plastic cap to cover your hair. Let the mixture stay for at least one hour before you could clean your hair. Do this twice a week to completely darken your hair into the color that you want.
  3. Dark Cocoa: you might be able to purchase dark cocoa powder on your grocery store, but what you need to do is to choose one that has not been sweetened because the sweeten version would contains sugar that you surely does not need for your natural hair dye. Next you need to purchase shampoo without any colorant or chemical inside it, but your shampoo could contains moisturizer if you need, but pure shampoo would be better. Next mix the cocoa powder on to the shampoo, but only mix in what you want to use today because the cocoa could be spoiled. Apply the shampoo on your hair as you would when you wash your hair, but let the shampoo stay in your hair longer. You could do your bath and rinse the shampoo last before you come out from the shower. You need to do this daily so you could achieve the dark color that you want.
  4. Sage: you could also find this in your local herb store as natural hair dye. First boiled two cups of water and put it in a plastic bowl. Put the sage inside and let it be infused for one night or at least eight hours. The next morning soaks your hair that already been clean with the infusion, but you need to let it until your hair completely dry on itself before clean it.

Beautiful Variation of Party Hairstyle for Women

Hairstyles on 7 Oct , 2014

Women loves going to the party, however when they do get invited to a party there are many things that makes them confused such as which dress to wear, which shoes match well with the dress, and more over which party hairstyles for women 2015 that will be suitable to be wear to the party. However when you choose the hairstyle you want to have, then you should make sure it is not only suitable with the party and the dress you wearing, but it is should also be suitable with your own personality because that way you could pull it better.

Suggestion on hairstyle that you could use for party

Actually there are many kinds of hairstyle that you could wear to the party, but if you are stuck to your idea then we have some hairstyles that you could use for each of your party.

Beautiful Variation of Party Hairstyle for Women1

Loose wave party hairstyle

When you have a medium length hair and you do not want to be troubled when you do your hair, then you could try to make a loose wave hairstyle. You could just use a hair iron that is big and thick then curl up your hair, but do not use it too tight because you would only want it to be wavy. Use hair styling mousse before you curls your hair so the hair could form the curl well, then after you finish styling your hair into nice position you could apply a little hair spray to make the hair stay longer in its position.

Beehive party hairstyle

When you have longer hair and want to have more formal hairstyle for your formal party, then you could try to use beehive hairstyle. This hairstyle is a classic one which people start to use in the sixties. To create it, you need to roll your hair so it could set up then brush it out. Then you need to backcomb it with teased style so it could gather up in the top of your hair then twist it so it could form the beehive. Use hair pins so you could place the beehive in the right position, but do not forget to smooth the outside part of the beehive before you spray it with hair spray to held it in right shape.

Asymmetric bob cut party hairstyle for women

For you who have short hair, but you still want to have more feminine style, then you could try to get bob cut hairstyle. However when you want to wear it to the party, then you would need it to be more stylish than the regular bob cut you usually wear every day. That is why you could try to add asymmetric style to the cut, this mean you need to make the front part to be longer than the back to make it more stylish. But if you are more daring, then you could try to make the front part to be asymmetric on the right and the left side.

Afro party hairstyle

For you who has curly hair, or if you have straight hair but does not mind when it being curled then you could try to use this afro hairstyle. First you need to braid your hair or curled it until it would be frizzy then put it on the top of your head so it could be perched into something that has ball shape. You could then add some decoration to your hair using a hair pick that has sparkling stone on top of it.

Beautiful Variation of Party Hairstyle for Women

Chignon party hairstyle

For you who have medium or long hair length then you could try to use this chignon hairstyle. This hairstyle has classic feeling, however you could still find it used until today because this hairstyle has beautiful shape. With the addition of braided you could create braided chignon hairstyle which would be elegant when you use it. Moreover you could also style it in any way you can because the chignon could be placed high above your hear or in the middle of your head but you could also place it lower near your neck area.

Ponytail party hairstyle for women

When you do not want to be bothered with any of those difficult to make hairstyle, you could actually use ponytail hairstyle to your party. This hairstyle has clean and sophisticated look which makes it suitable for any occasion. Just gather your hair together and use a band to tie it together. When you have beautiful hair decoration, you could also use it on your ponytail so it could look more stylish. You could also choose to place the ponytail on top of your head or in the middle part of your head.

Pin curl twist party hairstyle

Another hairstyle that could be used by you who has medium length hair is this pin curl twist hairstyle. To create this hairstyle you need to take the front part of your hair and brush it with your hair so there is no tangled part, and then pull it to the back of your head before secure it with hair pins. After you do that, you would get some part of your hair left around your ear area. This is why you need to take the hair around your ear area with your finger and pull it before twisting it so it could be more stylish, then pull them on the back of your head to be secured with hair pin. Do this to the rest of your hair so all of them could be pulled back and secured with hair pin. You could then accessorize this hairstyle with flower or decoration pins

Bun party Short Haircuts 2015 for Women

This hairstyle would be suitable for evening party that has more relaxed and casual feeling. Bun hairstyle is also easy to make since all you need to do is to gather it together on the back of your head, fold it to create a bun and secure it with hair band or hair pins. If you want it to be sleeker then you could smooth it before using hair spray.

5 Super Trendy Braided Hairstyles to Try 

Hairstyles on 7 Oct , 2014

braided-bunIn case you have a bad hair day, braided hairstyle will be your best option – well, aside the up-do style or wearing hats or scarves. The point is that styling up your hair in braids won’t only save you from looking like a mess, and actually improve your look and style in very simple way. Who says that braided style is only exclusive to country girl-look alike?

In the past, braided hairstyle might be considered as the hilly-billy style only for girls living in farms or ranches. But today’s braided style has even expanded to the red carpet. That’s why you can consider styling up your hair with various kinds of braided-do that will make you look different – in terms of being fresher and more chic. You may not know this, but there are some stylish and super trendy braided hairstyles that you can try for your daily activities – whether it is for casual wear or formal settings. You can even wear such braided look to work, if you are able to pull it off properly and correctly.

The first style is the fishtail braid. Unlike the regular braids that are using three strands to create the braid, the fishtail braid is using four strands. That’s why it looks familiar and yet also different at the same time. The result is smooth, clean, and sophisticated braids. Some Hollywood celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Blake Lively, and Eva Longoria, have used this braid to create fun and whimsical effect. You can have the neat and clean fishtail look, or the messy ones. You can also have the sideway fishtail arrangement, if you want a rather edgy effect.

The second one is the waterfall braid. It is based on the half up and half down style, but with a twist. So you basically braid your hair from the left to the right – or vice versa – so the braids will be placed across the back of your head. You can let loose the remaining hair, creating waterfall effect. Such style will look best when paired up with naturally wavy hair as the natural locks will add the decorative element to the hairstyle.

The third one is the hallo braid. Unlike the waterfall braid that is generally done on the back of the head, the halo braid is located on the front side – near the bangs area. That’s why it is called the halo braid because of the effects produced. Such style will look great when worn along loose or tight bun, or ponytails. The outcome from such styling is messy and tousled chic, with a little touch of edginess.

The fourth one is the hair tie braid. If you are styling up your hair in ponytails or buns, you generally use a hair band to tie up the knot, right? Well, for the hair tie braid, you are basically using your own braid to tie the hair, so it may look simple, and yet highly stunning and edgy. The result is fun yet sophisticated style.

The last one is the braided bun. It is the great combo of bun and braided style. Simply braid your hair and then make it into a knot. You can pull up a very unique and yet stylish look in very simple manner!

Suitable Hairstyles for Older Men

Hairstyles on 5 Oct , 2014

Some might say that men do not pay too many attentions towards their hair, however that is so wrong. The reason is because as men goes older they tend to maintain their appearance so they would look perfect and prestigious. However, some men do not want to spend too much of their precious time just to be in front of the mirror, so they need to have hairstyles for older men that suitable for their needs. There are also common problem in older men hairstyle that we need to cope such as balding which would be very interesting to take care at.

Hairstyle that suitable for men based on their needs

Short men hairstyleShort men hairstyle: for men who do not want to spend too much time just to take care of their hair, then short hairstyle would be more suitable. Moreover when you like to do sport to take care for your body in your older year, then you surely do not want your hair to cover your eyes. This hairstyle is most suitable for men who have thick hair type, although you could also use it whatever hair type that you want. Use a close cut contour because it would be able to complement your head more. Then you could try to style it according to your preference using hair styling gel or even blow dry it to get more volume on your hair.


Wavy men hairstyle: for you who want to get more mature feeling, this hairstyle would be more suitable for you; moreover it is also timeless so you could keep it as long as you want. Cut your hair still in contour style but pay attention to the neckline and the side of your head and make it more tapered. But remember to keep the front part of your hair longer since you need it to be combed to the side, so it would creates soft wavy in the side of your forehead. In hairstyles for older men you do not need to use too much effort because it could be natural but still stylish. But when you have more time, you could also try to add some mousse in your damped hair then blow dried it; finish it with a little spray so it could hold in place longer.

Balding men hairstyle

Balding men hairstyle: some of you might have balding problem, which is normal thing for older men so you should not be worry and get low self esteem. To cope with this problem you could try to cut your hair in very short cut since it could make the bald spot to be less visible since it would blend with the rest of the hair; moreover it is also need very little maintenance so men tends to love this hairstyle. Another option is to use buzz cut which is cropped using electronic clippers. With hairstyles for older men you would get clean appearance which would be very useful for older men who wants to look more sophisticated.